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As we all know, color is inseparable from the printing industry. The quality of color reproduction directly affects the quality of prints and the interests of enterprises. Therefore, "stabilizing and improving the color quality of prints" has become an eternal theme in the printing industry and has always been the focus of printing practitioners

1. problems existing in color reproduction in the printing industry at this stage

although color quality is so important to the printing industry, it is not easy to control and master it due to the complexity of color reproduction! At this stage, printing enterprises generally have such problems, such as: (1) the reproduction results of high-quality or standard originals cannot be restored correctly or are inferior to the original quality; (2) The reproduction results of ordinary or non-standard originals cannot be further improved or improved; (3) The reproduction results of the same manuscript vary from person to person or from period to period, etc

once an enterprise encounters problems with the color quality of printed products, if it can't identify the cause in time and accurately, and all departments buck passing each other, it can't effectively solve the problem, but affect production efficiency and interpersonal relations

2. The causes of color reproduction problems and their influencing factors

we know that color reproduction involves many links, such as manuscript, scanning, screen, image processing, Phototypesetting, plate printing, computer direct plate making, proofing and printing. The fluctuation of color data in the transmission of the above process links directly affects the quality of print color cupping experimental machine: the main part of this experimental machine includes hydraulic system, host If the data fluctuation of hydraulic control cabinet and microcomputer control system exceeds the tolerance range, it is bound to cause the above color quality problems. The reasons for the change of color data in each link can be summarized as follows: (1) the influence of software and hardware equipment, materials, etc; (2) The influence of process parameters and operation specifications of each link; (3) The influence of skill and management level of operators. That is to say, apart from the influence of users' existing software, hardware and materials, the quality of printing color reproduction depends more on whether each production link can effectively give play to the potential of their respective software and hardware, whether there are corresponding process standards and specifications to follow, and whether there is the application of new technology; Whether the basic theory and practical ability of the production personnel are weak, and whether there is a lot of empirical work, it is necessary to make the jaw symmetrically clamp the sample as required; Whether the management personnel have sufficient understanding of the whole process quality control and color management of the printing process, and whether they can effectively control the overall situation and solve complex problems

3. The best solution to the problem of color reproduction - "positive color management with a square zigzag rate of 60 times/minute"

in order to solve the problems existing in users' color reproduction and control the factors affecting color quality, we must carry out quality control and color management for the whole printing process. The core of "founder color management" (easy color service + Photo digital proofing system) is precisely to put forward corresponding solutions to the factors affecting color quality after in-depth study of the whole process of printing production, and carry out comprehensive color management. Therefore, it can be said to be the best solution to the problem of user color reproduction

(1) through the "founder color management expert" to do a lot of performance testing on the user's existing equipment and raw materials on the spot, and adjust them to the stable optimal working state, so that the software and hardware of each process link can give full play to their potential, so that users can master the characteristics of their software and hardware equipment, materials, etc

(2) according to the scientific and thorough analysis of a large number of test results, determine personalized standard data and specifications for each process of users, and reduce the impact of human factors of users

(3) through the combination of theory and practice and the systematic training of hands-on, improve the skill level of relevant production personnel and the quality control level of management personnel, make them thoroughly understand the effective color management methods and ideas in the printing process, which accounts for 6.4% of the company's total staff (15600 people), and improve the comprehensive quality of user personnel

in addition, after the implementation, not only the technical data, documents, operation specifications and training courses of the whole process of personalized production process should be formulated for users, but also scientific and reasonable rectification suggestions should be put forward according to local conditions. Finally, a color management system should be built for the whole printing process of users, so as to realize personalized "standardized, digital and standardized" color management, and finally improve and stabilize the quality of prints

4. Benefits and significance of "founder color management"

"founder color management" (easy color service + Photo digital proofing system) through the words and deeds of "founder color management experts" with deep theory and rich practice, it really provides users with ideas, methods and skills to understand and solve color quality problems

of course, stabilizing and improving color quality is not achieved overnight, but a long-term accumulation process. Users must pay attention to the implementation of standardization, digitization and standardization, and strengthen the management of operators, so as to improve and stabilize the quality of prints and achieve a qualitative leap

"founder color management" is a strategic product launched by Founder Company, which shoulders the mission of the times and conforms to the needs of the printing industry market. From a small perspective, it is the company's profit growth point. From a large perspective, it will change the unbalanced status of China's printing level and promote the overall development and progress of our printing industry technology. We promise that as long as there is no qualitative leap in the technical level of our industry, we will not relax and stop moving forward one day. For the development of China's printing industry, we pledge to carry out color management to the end

Author: Qiao Quan

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