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How to make good use of digital technology in bill printing (II)

digital technology and security protection. Some thermal insulation materials security printing has always been a part of the bill printing industry, and it is a product project with relatively high added value, including banknotes, personal identification cards, passports, visas, stocks, various tickets and licenses, anti-counterfeiting labels, tapes, cards, RFID, confidential documents, etc; The application of anti-counterfeiting technology is how to produce identification marks on these products and documents. Many of these marks are formed by using the process of printing technology. Similar services are also called security printing

in terms of industrial operation, high value-added products, valuable tickets and key documents need appropriate protection, otherwise they are easy to be counterfeited and forged, causing losses or disputes of the parties; It is understood that the global output value of counterfeit products in 2003 is estimated to exceed 650billion US dollars, accounting for about 5-6% of the total world trade, which may not include the losses caused by forged certificates and documents. We can see how important the application of anti-counterfeiting technology is to people's livelihood and industry. Therefore, various anti-counterfeiting technologies have been developed, including physical, chemical, biological characteristics, materials, computers and roads, printing, packaging and other seven categories of anti-counterfeiting technologies. For different anti-counterfeiting technologies, it can be applied to various fields. Such as food and medical industry, liquor making industry, pharmaceutical industry, 3C industry, automobile industry, textile industry, according to the statistics of China Building Metal Structure Association, ancient board of directors industry, financial industry and other industries and businesses

the security and anti-counterfeiting printing business should first pay attention to the requirements of the security environment, followed by the application of anti-counterfeiting technology, which of course includes hardware facilities (monitoring equipment), software environment (production process control) and personnel security control. For a qualified security and anti-counterfeiting factory, sometimes some international certifications are required to obtain the recognition of customers, such as visa, master, JCB, AE and other international credit card certifications, SAS authentication of SIM card and BS7799 authentication of information security management, which has been paid more and more attention recently; In order to obtain the bid invitation qualification of the designated factory of relevant business, the bill industry must first obtain the printing and reproduction license of the state secret carrier approved by the State Security Bureau. Of course, there must be standard operating procedures for the safe environment of the factory, so that the defective rate of products can be found early

based on the current security and anti-counterfeiting market (as shown in Figure 3), it mainly focuses on valuable tickets, cards and anti-counterfeiting labels, and these three parts are basically directly related to bill printing, which is a problem that Bill manufacturers should pay attention to. On the other hand, the bill industry is also a document management industry. In addition to printing tickets, many companies have successively invested in data processing business to provide integrated services to customers (integr but low modulus of elasticity); In the digital environment, operators should not only consider the quality of products and customer service, but also pay more attention to the information security related to the operation process

in fact, digital technology is closely related to security and anti-counterfeiting printing. Using digital anti-counterfeiting technology, we can expand more digital business service models and market opportunities. These services are related to document management and security and anti-counterfeiting related businesses. We summarize several items for your reference:

pre press plate making anti-counterfeiting technology

Security shading anti-counterfeiting elements are often used, It is a solid line designed with a safe shading system. Because there are no dots, dots will appear when the pattern is scanned and printed. The difference between real and fake prints can be distinguished by the naked eye. These purposes are to prevent documents from being scanned and improper copying. Among them, preventing documents from being scanned includes preventing ordinary scanners from scanning and preventing high-end line scanners from scanning. Preventing copying includes preventing general application software from copying into similar effects; Or prevent using the same software to copy into a similar effect

digital watermarking anti-counterfeiting technology

digital watermarking is a method used to protect the intellectual property rights of digital media, which hides some information of intellectual property rights, such as the original author, owner, publishing office, contact company address, etc. on digital media products; At the same time, it has the characteristics of security and toughness to protect digital media assets

watermark technology is used in the application of digital media, including digitized images (such as JPEG), digital sounds (such as MP3), or techno coded films (such as DVD). Among them, it can be divided into visible digital watermarking and invisible digital watermarking

digital authentication and encryption and decryption technology

the purpose of using digital authentication is to make both parties of the transaction have the confirmation of the identity of the trading partner without face-to-face coordination, so as to make the transaction or data transmission undeniable. Digital authentication and encryption/decryption technology is a combination of application data encryption/decryption technology, private key/public key algorithm, and digital signatures technology; To protect the safe access and application of data

anti counterfeiting number

the application of this part includes general bar code, two-dimensional bar code, Micr, OCR and other applications, as well as the generation of a management mechanism for the design, production, and tracking of the whole product or process flow

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