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How to maintain instruments and equipment

at present, there are many instruments on the market, including liquid phase instruments, mass spectrometry, energy spectrum, spectral analysis instruments, electronic optics and ion optics, nuclear magnetic resonance instruments, etc., as small as ammeters, beakers, electronic scales, magnifying glasses, etc. These instruments are equipped in the test, and its leading product we dial hydraulic universal testing machine is playing a tight role. How can so many instruments take care of themselves at ordinary times

although the structure and compliance of various instruments such as guided wave radar level gauge are different, there are some common ways to make these instruments more durable

1. Perfect instrument operation and maintenance system. It is best to set the maintenance personnel and maintenance cycle according to the nature of different instruments, conduct regular examinations, and do a good job in connection. No enterprise can survive for a hundred years without change, so as to facilitate future reference

2. The user should grasp the structure, reason, monopoly process and bitterness of the instrument to prevent damage to the instrument caused by false monopoly

3. The instrument should be placed in a suitable condition, and the best condition is dry, clean, sunscreen and anti disturbance

4. When taking and placing the instrument, be as timid as a mouse to prevent falling and touching to form looseness. At the same time, it is best to place the instrument flat in the center of degree and stubbornness

5. Dust prevention. After many crude instruments are stained with dust, various faults will appear, which will also affect the accuracy of the test. Therefore, it is necessary to repeatedly remove dust from the instrument, which can be wiped with a dry cloth, a towel, a soft brush, and the dust inside the instrument can be removed by air blowing and vacuum cleaner. Extraordinary instruments may be wiped with lens paper. Thanks to the excellent performance of carbon fiber

6, our current research on graphene should start from the characteristics of its material itself, such as machinery and transmission, regularly remove rust and dirt, and add smooth oil

7. As for the instrument equipped with dry batteries, if it is not critical for a long time, the battery should be taken out and stored to prevent the battery from being worn out and the instrument from being loosened

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