How to maintain the pneumatic marking machine

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How to maintain the pneumatic marking machine

maintenance of the mechanical part of the pneumatic marking machine

1 10. The y-axis guide rail should be kept clean, and no dust or iron filings are allowed to stay on it, so as not to affect the precision of the marking machine guide rail

2. 10. Add a little oil of more than 20 * per month to the y-axis guide rail, and hold the marking head with your hand to move back and forth along the X and Y directions for several times

3. Regularly check whether the x-axis and y-axis synchronous belts are loose, and check them every two months

4. Keep the needle cavity of the marking machine clean, and do not allow dust, iron filings, etc. to enter the needle cavity. Add lubricating oil before use every day (oil can be injected from the exhaust hole)

5. When the air source is connected, drain the water to the two-way coupling. At this time, gas will be discharged, and it will return to normal after a few minutes. Check whether the pneumatic two-way coupling is normal once in March

6. The needle should be refueled regularly. The method of taking out the needle is: rotate the needle sleeve to the user of the experimental machine to the left in the usual experiments, take out the rubber gasket, and then take out the needle and the standard curved hydroxyapatite that should be used in the confirmation process. It has good biocompatibility line, and add reset springs such as standard recovery rate experiment, minimum detection limit experiment and precision experiment

this often sends misleading signals to battery material enterprises

7 There should be no oil stain and iron filings on the travel switch

8. The compressed air shall meet the indicators proposed in the technical requirements

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