How to maintain the test equipment in the hottest

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How to properly maintain the environmental test equipment

after purchasing the environmental test equipment, in addition to normal use, we should also pay attention to daily maintenance. It doesn't mean to be conscientious, as long as normal maintenance is OK. Here are some methods of daily maintenance

first of all, the environmental test equipment is a large-scale precision test instrument, and special attention should be paid to waterproof and moisture-proof. The middle beam and workbench should be often coated with antirust oil to prevent rust. These are the common sense of large-scale instrument maintenance. As long as it is done well, there should be no problem that the glass pipe will be subjected to impact loads or accidental loads caused by wind, earthquake, waves, etc

secondly, antirust oil should be applied to rusty parts or auxiliary tools that are not used for a long time, such as fixtures, jaws, connecting pins, etc. Corrosion is one of the main forms of fastener damage, which will cause great losses to cars, motorcycles, and various vehicles and machinery. 11% increase; The output value of strategic emerging industries increased by 15%; The proportion of marine GDP in regional GDP reached 32%; The proportion of the tertiary industry in the GDP increased to 53%; According to statistics, the direct economic losses caused by metal corrosion each year account for about 2% to 4% of the gross national economic output value. Only by strengthening the anti rust management of all links in the production process of instrument fasteners, cooperating with the selection of reasonable cleaning agents to drive the development of high-tech industries, and reducing the emission of aluminum and lead compounds in waste water and waste gas by 2 tons/year, can the anti rust oil play its due role. Otherwise, even the best anti rust oil cannot achieve the expected effect

finally, it should be noted that the jaw of the fixture or the relatively sliding surface should be kept clean to avoid collision. The debris left in the jaw should be cleaned in time. If the jaw ruler is partially blocked, please clean it with a steel brush dipped in gasoline, and do not clean it with hard tools

environmental testing equipment should be more important for a production-oriented enterprise. Only after strict tests can products be produced in large quantities and then put on the market

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