How to make digital proofing really applicable sum

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How to make digital proofing really applicable? (Abstract)

there are many ways of digital proofing, which have appeared for a long time, but it is difficult to make printers recognize its effect. Because the digital proofing does not match the printed proofs or some other problems. These problems are not important to the real users, because they only care about speed, quality and cost. However, the proofing sample will be expanded by Justin J, an engineer of the project, using new fields. Ackson pointed out that due to the characteristics of the hardware of the heat insulation strip tensile testing machine, the printer asked: can this sample be printed? For the suppliers of digital proofing machines, they must tell the printer buyer about digital proofing, and ensure that it plays a role as a communication tool between the printer buyer and the printer when the result is invalid. Moreover, for the printing process, to get accurate color digital proofing samples, we must require the digital proofing machine to have a strong ability to simulate the effect of the printing machine. This is very important for the current advanced CTP workflow and other digital management processes

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