How to maintain the most popular spindle bearing

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How to maintain spindle bearings

dz series spindle bearings are mainly used for textile machinery spindles supporting cotton, wool, hemp, silk, chemical fiber, pure and blended spinning frames and twisters. For cotton textile enterprises, how to better use, maintain and maintain these special parts is very important. Here, mainly from the perspective of the product manufacturer and combined with the use of users, we will talk about some methods and suggestions on the use, maintenance and care of spindle bearing series products

I. performance and characteristics of spindle bearing:

as a special bearing for textile, spindle bearing has a special structural composition. It adopts the structure of single row centripetal short cylindrical roller without inner ring, which is a high-speed precision bearing bearing bearing bearing bearing pure radial load. The overall shaft shrinkage s after assembly is expressed by the following formula: s={(D-M)/d} × 100% (1) bearing is still open. Considering the needs of assembly, packaging, transportation and user reassembly, at present, spindle bearings mainly use a special antirust oil. It not only has good anti rust performance, but also can ensure that the bearing is not easy to loose when entering the assembly process of the final user

due to the adoption of single 3D printing, it will undoubtedly become a technology widely promoted in the automotive, medical, construction and other industries in the next 10 years. Using column centripetal short circular rollers, this series of bearings have strong rigidity and bear large radial loads; High manufacturing precision, flexible and stable rotation, low noise, suitable for high-speed operation; Simple structure and low power consumption; The maintenance is convenient. At present, the executive standard of spindle bearing series products is still: fz/t92025-1994 "DZ series spindle bearings" textile industry standard

the cage with new reinforced nylon material has the following performance characteristics: first, the new cage adopts engineering plastic PA66 glass fiber reinforced nylon material; Second, the injection molding processing method is adopted, which has good processability and good stability of size and shape; Third, if the nylon holder is inconvenient, it has a certain self-lubricating effect; Fourth, through the optimization design of the pocket structure, the swing amplitude of the roller in the process of high-speed operation can be reduced, so as to reduce the noise to a certain extent

II. Correct use of spindle bearing:

1. When the size, shape and accuracy of the bearing assembly hole of the bearing seat are not good, the bearing will be affected and cannot play its best performance. For example, if the size accuracy and shape of the inner hole of the bearing seat of the mating part are accurate, the metal sheet sample can be clamped in a wedge-shaped way. Poor accuracy will cause the deformation of the outer ring of the bearing, resulting in the deterioration of the roundness of the inner hole of the bearing; If the precision of the retaining shoulder is not good, it will produce the inclination of the outer ring and roller of the bearing, intensify the concentrated load, reduce the fatigue life of the bearing, and even lead to the damage and sintering of the cage; If the accuracy of spindle bearing gear of bearing inner ring is not good, such as the accuracy of size, roundness, cylindricity, waviness, roughness, position, etc., it will also significantly increase the vibration value of the whole spindle

2. The complete set of bearings undergo strict and precise matching before assembly, so the scattered bearing parts cannot be interchanged without re measurement and matching before use

3. Cleaning of spindle bearings and spindle feet. Due to the compact structure of the spindle foot, there are many other parts in the spindle foot cavity, and their cleanliness will also affect the cleanliness of the bearing working cavity. Therefore, the process of pre cleaning the spindle foot parts before assembly and fine cleaning the spindle foot of the assembly including the bearing after assembly is a more reasonable process

4. The bearing should not be bumped and impacted during assembly. Bumps and impacts are easy to cause collisions between bearing parts, resulting in bearing failure

5. When crimping the bearing seat, pay attention to controlling the crimping angle, strength and other factors to avoid the deformation and failure of bearing parts caused by unreasonable crimping

6. For bearings that have exceeded the antirust period or have been stored for a long time, rust or roller sticking may occur due to the drying of antirust oil

III. correct maintenance and servicing methods of bearings:

1. First of all, when the spindle bearings in the spindle are running, they should fully ensure lubrication, and add lubricating oil regularly according to the actual use conditions, and do not cut off the oil for a long time. Therefore, users and enterprises should choose better and more appropriate spindle lubricating oil. The new special spindle oil can significantly improve the lubrication performance, extend the oil change cycle, prolong the service life of spindles and bearings, and also has good rust and corrosion resistance

2. Secondly, the bearing with reinforced nylon cage should be used at a temperature lower than 120 ℃, and it is strictly prohibited to boil and clean it in oil

3. In addition, attention should be paid to methods during spindle maintenance and cleaning to prevent damage and scratching of roller surface. To remove the residue at the bearing as much as possible, it is better to wash and pump the residual oil inside the spindle foot. Attention should be paid to avoiding the use of dumping type, which causes the cleaning garbage to accumulate and remain in the bearing, resulting in noise, wear and failure of the bearing

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