How to maintain the hottest tape tension meter

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How to maintain the belt tension meter

how to maintain the belt tension meter

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the daily maintenance, daily maintenance and testing standards of the belt tension meter are accurate and error free, and only users can really pay attention to the maintenance. Only in this way can the product have a long service life. I believe that the technology of Haida instrument manufacturer can analyze and understand for you. How should the tensile testing machine be maintained

(I) daily maintenance of tensile testing machine

daily maintenance of tensile testing machine generally includes daily maintenance and weekly maintenance, also known as daily maintenance and weekly maintenance

COMAC, the implementer of cr929 project, has cooperated with COMAC and the Russian United aviation manufacturing group in late March.

1. Weekly routine maintenance

weekly routine maintenance is carried out by equipment operators every weekend

(1) appearance: clean the guide rail, transmission parts and exposed parts of the equipment, and clean the work site. The interior and exterior shall be clean without dead corners and rust, and the surrounding environment shall be clean

(2) operation and transmission: check the technical condition of each part, tighten the loose parts, and adjust the fitting clearance. Check the interlock and safety device. The transmission sound is normal, safe and reliable

(3) electrical system: wipe the surface of motor and coil, check the insulation and grounding, and achieve integrity, cleanness and reliability

2. Daily routine maintenance

daily routine maintenance shall be carried out by equipment operators on duty

(1) wipe the equipment before the test, and lubricate and add oil as required. Check whether the handle position and manual operation position are correct and flexible, and whether the safety device is reliable. Run at low speed and check whether the transmission is normal

(continuous, real-time and automatic experimental methods will become a trend 2) pay attention to the running sound, the temperature, pressure, electrical and instrument signals of the equipment, and whether the safety insurance is normal during the test

(3) turn off the switch after the test, and put all handles to the zero position. Remove iron filings and dirt, wipe the oil on the guide rail surface and sliding surface of the equipment, and add oil. Clean the work site and tidy up accessories and tools

(II) d-single peak maintenance of displacement (mm0-p)

the first level maintenance of the tensile testing machine is mainly based on the operators, with the assistance of the maintenance workers, locally disassemble and inspect the equipment as planned, clean the specified parts, adjust the fitting clearance of each part of the tensile testing machine, and tighten each part of the equipment.. The scope of the first guarantee should be all the equipment in use by the enterprise, and the key equipment should be strictly implemented. The main purpose of the first warranty is to reduce equipment wear, eliminate hidden dangers, extend the service life of the equipment, and provide equipment guarantee for the completion of production tasks until the next warranty period

(III) level 2 maintenance

Level 2 maintenance is completed with the participation of maintenance workers and operators. Level II short-term maintenance is included in the equipment maintenance plan, and the equipment is partially disassembled, inspected and repaired, the worn parts are replaced or repaired, and the electrical parts are cleaned, inspected and repaired, so that the technical condition of the equipment can fully meet the requirements of the specified equipment integrity standard. More information about the testing machine can be found in Dongguan Haida Instrument Co., Ltd

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