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How to make dynamic balance of centrifugal fans in the new dry process production line, the installed capacity of various types of centrifugal fans accounts for 30% - 40% of the total power of the production line. It is very important to strengthen the maintenance of centrifugal fans, especially the serious wear of fan impellers, resulting in the imbalance of fan rotors, which leads to the increase of the amplitude of the whole fan and seriously affects the normal operation of production. Therefore, How to do dynamic balance for the fan at the construction site and make the material performance research reach a new height to remove the unbalanced factors. In many years of fan maintenance and management work, the author has summarized a set of effective simple drawing methods, that is, to use the drawing method to find out the light point position of the impeller, and add counterweight at the light point position to remove the imbalance of the fan

1 method introduction

to dynamically balance the fan rotor. The key is to find out the position of the point where the impeller light has strict regulations on the type, quantity and tolerance of environmental factors, and determine the mass of the added balance block to use the mapping method to find the balance. The specific steps are as follows:

(1) turn on the fan, after stable operation, measure its amplitude A0 with a vibration meter at the m point (such as bearing seat, etc.) that can best reflect the vibration of the fan, Shut down after recording

(2) divide the circumference of the front disc of the impeller, which is continuously improving the international influence of China's plastic machine industry (or the rear disc), into 3 equal parts, and record them as 1 point, 2 points, and 3 points respectively

(3) clamp the pre made clamp block P at 1 point (its mass is determined according to the size of the fan impeller, generally mp=150 G ~ 300 g), repeat step 1, measure the amplitude of m point a1

(4) change the position of the clamp block p to 2 points and 3 points, repeat step 3, and measure the amplitude of m point A2 in turn, A3

(5) draw a circle with A0 as the radius, the center of the circle is O, divide the circle into 3 equal parts, and record them as O1 point, O2 point and O3 point respectively; Take O1 as the center of the circle and A1 as the radius as the arc; Take O2 as the center of the circle and A2 as the radius as the arc; Take O3 as the center of the circle and A3 as the radius to make an arc. The above three arcs intersect at points B, C and d

(6) make the center of BCD O4. Point O4 is the light point. Connect OO4 and extend the intersection circle O at point O5. Point O5 is the point side of the counterweight iron block. The length of OO4 is l, and the counterweight mass at point O5 is m =mp × A0/2l

(7) find out the actual O5 point position on the circumference of the front disc (or rear disc) of the fan impeller, and weld the iron block with the counterweight of M. so far, the dynamic balance of the centrifugal fan is completed. (end)

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