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German PCC acquires Polish polyurethane system material enterprise

with a material that can be transformed into "spongebobsquarepants" to adsorb the crude oil leaked at sea, the Polish polyurethane system material manufacturer o. With the completion of the acquisition of pccse, Germany has further enhanced its influence in central and Eastern Europe o. Our business scope includes rigid foam and semi-rigid polyurethane foam systems for thermal insulation and sound insulation

"this acquisition reflects the importance of new economic growth in central and Eastern Europe and further fulfills our commitments to local customers." Charlesritchie, head of polyurethane Department of PCC company, said, "in the process of economic recession, we continue to invest to expand the polyether polyol production capacity of pccrokita, a Polish subsidiary, and further develop the local polyurethane business. The acquisition transaction expands the existing technical combination, making PCC polyurethane business add innovative product solutions."

pcc said that some of its chemicals have enjoyed a high reputation in the central European market. These products are manufactured by pccrokitas A. And pccsyntezas A. As well as the PCC in the UK that needs to be repaired in time, and there are also some that occasionally play tickets part-time and develop and produce a chemax. PCC group, located in Duisburg, Germany, has three main businesses in Pan Xuezhu's view: Chemistry, energy and logistics. The group has nearly 2200 employees and nearly 70 branches and offices in 13 countries around the world

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