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Goodyear set up a new venture capital fund to promote the future travel development

Goodyear set up a new venture capital fund to promote the future travel development

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Las Vegas. At the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show (CE specific requirements: s 2020) on January 7-10, 2020, Goodyear tire and rubber company announced the establishment of Goodyear ventures new venture capital fund, The venture capital fund plans to invest US $100million in the travel field to promote the development of future travel solutions

goodyear ventures will help Goodyear to continue and expand its cooperation in the field of new travel. The venture capital fund will focus on investment and cooperation with like-minded start-ups to jointly bring safe and sustainable new travel experience and make users enjoy more convenient daily travel life

Goodyear global chairman Mr. Richard J. Kramer, CEO and President, said: "Goodyear has always been committed to using technology to promote travel. We continue to seek sincere cooperation with other industry leaders, including small start-ups and companies with mature business models. Goody's force swing is not prohibited in the rising process. Ear ventures will help Goodyear further explore the travel field and reshape the future travel mode."

goodyear ventures will focus on the following eight topics, Define future travel:

• electrification and automatic driving technology

• intelligent joint travel scheme

• new generation public travel

• new generation air travel

• future transportation infrastructure

• maintenance and operation of future travel tools

• emerging technologies

• new tire materials equipped with high-performance measurement and amplification system

in addition to obtaining funds, The companies invested by Goodyear ventures will also have the opportunity to enrich their technical experience reserves and enhance their own strength with the help of Goodyear's rich technology and innovation resources, strong vehicle service network and production, manufacturing and product R & D facilities all over the world listed in the recommended catalogue of the first batch of new energy buses in 2017

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