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Germany believes that China's packaging machinery market has a promising future.

the German Foreign Trade Information Office recently said that China's rapidly developing packaging industry and food processing industry need to import a large number of high-quality packaging machinery and food processing machinery, which provides great business opportunities for the German machinery manufacturing industry

it is estimated that by 2005, the output value of China's food processing industry and packaging industry will reach 44billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 10%. At the same time, these two industries will eliminate some production equipment with low quality and high energy consumption, and strive for the proportion of new and efficient equipment to reach 60%%. When the technology and quality of domestic machinery can not meet the requirements, China's import demand for such equipment from abroad will increase. In 2000, China's import of packaging machinery increased by 13.7% compared with 1999, and the import of food processing machinery increased by 32.3% compared with 1999, which also shows this point. Domestic imports are mainly large and efficient equipment, and suppliers are mainly several large companies in Europe and Japan. Germany's foreign trade is based on the third grade information bureau. It is also pointed out that in the next few years, China will still have a great demand for the functional characteristics of EP table top tension machine represented by South Korea in Europe, Germany and Asia: s external insulation Market packaging materials (paper, paperboard, plastic, aluminum and other metals), including new TPE grade imports that can be adhered to various engineering plastic materials

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