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German scientists create antibacterial packaging

German scientists use medical expertise to create antibacterial packaging, which can be applied to liquid drinks such as milk. This is an important change in food packaging technology. The food packaging department has always shown great interest in the anti-bacterial coating packaging film, because it can prevent food mildew without food preservatives. In order to prevent the unexpected arrival of bacteria, food packaged with film usually contains added preservatives, such as sorbic acid and benzoic acid. However, consumers hope that the fewer additives in the food, the better. This is also the direct reason why food manufacturers' interest in antibacterial packaging has soared. They hope to make the food safer while meeting consumers' demand for the fewer additives, the better. The economic loss caused by German processing plant and packaging Fraunhofe is 10 points. The researcher of R association found that in order to replace the preservative in food, it is necessary to coat the packaging film. This kind of packaging film coating can be realized by using composite resin and other materials as base materials → hydraulic loading materials and special technologies. Such plastics contain inorganic glass, organic polymer and other components

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