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The German measurement and control standards committee verified the application of WirelessHART in the process industry

the German measurement and control standards committee Namur verified the application of WirelessHART in the process industry, Through strict field tests, it is proved that WirelessHART technology can fully meet the needs of users

(Austin, Texas, USA - November 17, 2009) - the HART Communication Foundation () recently received a report submitted by Namur (German measurement and control standards committee), saying that it has affirmed that WirelessHART technology can meet the application requirements of wireless sensor networks in the process industry. After field testing of equipment from various manufacturers, mamur finally concluded that WirelessHART communication has the characteristics of flexibility, safety, reliable performance, coexistence with other radio technologies, and can interoperate with other wireleehart compliant devices in the same WirelessHART network

namur conducted field tests using WirelessHART equipment provided by ABB, Emerson Process Management, e+h, mactek, p+f and Siemens. The tests show that WirelessHART conforms to NAMUR's recommended technical specification ne124 "requirements for wireless automation" and working draft na115 "it security of process automation system". The field test was conducted by BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The test includes the evaluation of WirelessHART characteristics in the laboratory and a number of application tests in the actual process plant environment

Mr. Martin schwibach, Senior Automation Manager of BASF and chairman of mamur ak4.15 wireless automation working group, said: "When wired technology is expensive or difficult to install, WirelessHART technology is undoubtedly a good choice. Field tests show that WirelessHART standard fully conforms to mamur. For those who use wireless automation technology in the process industry, please check whether the computer is equipped with printer requirements."

mamur was established in Germany in 1949. It is an international organization composed of 121 chemical, petrochemical and other process industrial companies. Mamur has 15000 experts, about 300 of whom are active in 33 different working groups, covering measurement and control, automation, communication, process control, electrical engineering and other fields

Mr. Ron Helson, executive president of the HART communication foundation, said: "We are glad to prove that WirelessHART can meet the user's requirements through mamur's test. Of course, the user's actual use also proves the function of WirelessHART. This is a wireless communication technology specially designed for process applications. It is based on the application of millions of Hart devices around the world. We look forward to further cooperation with mamur and other organizations to promote the development of this technology, and hope that more Users benefit from this technology. "

hart communication protocol is a leading communication technology for intelligent process measurement and control of field devices and systems. More than 30million Hart devices have been installed worldwide, and WirelessHART standard is a further extension of HART communication protocol. WirelessHART technology can be backward compatible with existing Hart devices. WirelessHART can provide more ability to obtain asset management information in both old and new monitoring and control applications

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