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According to the news on December 7, a number of world-famous magazine publishers, including time, Conde Nash and Hearst, are preparing to launch their 3G versions to the iPhone and other most popular magazines in the world. In addition, the reading function of iPhone is far ahead of others, making iPhone the preferred carrier for 3G edition of world-famous magazines

according to cable fault cases, more than 20 "single champion" demonstration enterprises in manufacturing industry, such as rough measurement methods and development history overview, including vogue magazine, which is known as the global fashion vane, and Time magazine, the most influential weekly in the United States, more than 50 well-known media are planning to build a top-level digital media platform, and users can directly read or download magazine content through the terminal. This means that the era of cooperation between magazines and 3G is still coming, and WCDMA has become the preferred cooperation mode of this media platform

once upon a time, newspaper and other reading applications greatly facilitated people's thirst for information. In the 3G era, with the convenience of Internet and the increase of Internet applications, reading demand is increasing day by day. WCDMA is widely sought after as a mature 3G system, and more and more reading functions are trying to catch up with this technology express

in Japan, WCDMA users have begun to use 3G to enjoy the wonderful comics; In addition, the version of blog magazine implements the membership registration system. The content is the same as that of online magazine, and can be read on 3G of some designated operators

up to now, WCDMA network has firmly occupied the dominant position in the 3G market. In Asia, central and North America, Europe and other places, WCDMA has become the first choice for local 3G commercial promotion. According to the latest data of the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the global WCDMA users have exceeded 430million. The rapid growth of WCDMA users is seen as the main reason why well-known magazines have invested in WCDMA

with the increasing popularity of WCDMA in China, the reading function of 3G will also develop explosively. According to the report recently released by China Internet Network Information Center, as of the end of August 2009, the number of users in China has reached 181million, showing a steady growth trend. Among them, 23.6% of users expressed their willingness to pay for e-book reading, which is the application with the highest willingness to pay. 23.1% of users said they planned to use 3G in the next six months, which will directly promote the promotion of reading in life

about five years ago, Murdoch, the world's media giant, predicted that "the future will be the world of media." Today, with the popularity of other mobile devices, this prediction is about to become a reality. Tencent Technology

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