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Glass curtain wall management archives will be built in Beijing. Yesterday, it was learned from the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development that from now on, the city will carry out safety investigation on glass curtain walls to strengthen the supervision and management of the use safety of existing glass curtain walls in the city. High rise buildings, crowded areas, public places for youth and children's activities will become the focus of spot check by the housing and Urban Rural Development Commission

brought confidence to extruder enterprises. The main contents of this investigation include: safety maintenance of existing glass curtain wall. Focus on checking the safety of existing glass curtain walls (2) the establishment of maintenance files for regular oil replacement, the implementation of safety maintenance subjects in most of the early stages of construction and development, the establishment and implementation of daily overhaul and maintenance systems, and the availability of maintenance funds

quality and safety of existing glass curtain wall. Focus on the quality and safety of opening doors and windows, structural adhesive (sealant), sealing strip, glass plate, stressed components and other items, whether there have been quality and safety problems and rectification. According to the Jiehua glass () Department

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