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The decoration plan made it easy to throw bricks from the 10th floor and kill a university professor.

when decorator Cheng was helping the owner decorate his home, he threw the remaining bricks casually from the 10th floor, only to hit Professor Shi from the University of science and technology of China who just came out of the corridor. Shi died after ineffective rescue, and Cheng was also charged with the crime of causing death through negligence. Yesterday morning, Hefei Baohe District Court held a court session to hear the case

on the afternoon of December 18 last year, Cheng, a bricklayer in Feixi granite, was sent by the decoration company to a family in the garden community of Hefei University of science and technology for decoration. At about 4 p.m. that day, Mr. Cheng worked on the balcony on the tenth floor. According to the company's regulations, he had to clean up the construction waste after completion every day. Cheng did not find the garbage bag in the house, so he successively threw the remaining more than 20 bricks from the balcony. At first, every time he threw one piece, he looked downstairs to see if there was anyone passing by. When he threw the last few pieces, he felt there was no danger, so he threw them directly

at this time, Shi, a senior professor at the University of science and technology of China, came out of the corridor and was unfortunately hit by a brick thrown by Cheng. After rescue, he died. After hearing that someone was injured downstairs, Cheng quickly packed his things and went home. The next day, the manager of the decoration company and the police found Cheng

in yesterday's court trial, Cheng regretted his careless behavior and blamed himself more deeply in his final statement, saying that he had brought great harm to Shi and his family. His defender proposed that Cheng was a negligent crime without subjective malice. If the victim is willing to understand and reach a criminal settlement with Cheng, Cheng and his family are willing to compensate the loss of the victim's family. The case was not adjudicated in court. (Zhang Wanyi, Xu Haiyan, reporter liulingjun)

editor: Deng Da Author: Liu Lingjun source: Zhong'an online [Print]




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